God-things are happening!!!

Amanda Bressler on October 6, 2014

Good morning to everyone! I hope everyone is doing well! I just wanted to give you an update on how God has been working over the last few weeks!

As you know, a couple weeks ago, I shared with some ladies at my church at an international dinner! We had such a great time, and there was soooo much food! Each table was decorated with items from other countries and I had the chance to meet some really incredible ladies! After sharing God’s calling on my life, several ladies came and said that they wanted to partner with me in prayer support and financial support as well! What an encouragement! I am so blessed to be part of the body of Christ!

Also, another awesome thing happened this weekend! As you know, back in January and February, I had the opportunity to take an intensive French class. Since I have completed the class, I have struggled with keeping up in my studies. Back in May, I signed up for a program called Meet Ups, which helps you connect with other people with similar interests. I started receiving invites to meet with groups of French speakers, but never could make the meetings because of work or other obligations. Over the weekend, I received an invite to join Bible study that will be completely in French!!! We are going to study the wisdom literature of Solomon (Psalms and Proverbs)!!! We are going to meet every Monday for the months of October and November! I am excited to see how God is going to use this to help me in my knowledge of French, but also how He is going to use this to help me share His message with the others that attend! Please pray that God will use this experience to help me to grow and that I will be more consistent in my studies!

There are times in my journey when I am unsure of what God is doing, but in times like this, I know that He is working in incredible ways! I have no need to worry or fret because God knows my future, and He is still working on me!